No nasty surprises

If you’ve ever read through some letting agencies’ contracts you’ll have come across some nasty surprises buried in the agency fees small print, like having to hand over thousands if you sell your property with a tenant in place. We think that’s wrong.

We show all our costs clearly and simply up front. This page shows a summary of our letting fees.

Service Fee

All fees are subject to VAT currently at 20%


Property Marketing and Tenant Find £325
Property Management with Tenant Find £195
Deposit Protection (if undertaken by us, is part of the management service) £0
Management Fee per calendar month £55


Statutory Periodic Tests


Gas Safety Certificate Test* (annual for properties with gas) £55
Energy Performance Certificate (Valid for ten years) £65
Electrical Safety Test * (valid for 5 years) £140

*(Note this is the fee to arrange the test and does not guarantee the success of the test)


Infrequent Service Fees



Termination of service (Landlord termination of Propeller Service see T&Cs)

(We believe we are the only agent to offer at will termination at no additional cost to the landlord – compare us to our competitors)


Serving Notice (on the tenant if performed by Propeller)

(Note this does not include any of the landlord’s potential legal fees)

Serving Notice via a solicitor (on the tenant) £ Market Rate
Visiting an empty property (this can be an insurance requirement for empty buildings) £25 per visit


Rare Service Fees


Late Payment Fee (interest at Bank of England base rate +3%) BoE +3%
Retention of Taxable Income Fee, per quarter* £50
Annual Tax Payment Certificate* (Only Applies to Non UK resident landlords who do not have Approval Certification) £195
Representing the Landlord (Very rarely a Propeller Director may be asked to formally represent the landlord at a legal function or purchase or sale of a property. This will always be agreed in advance in writing. There will be no surprise bill). £50 per hour
Client account working balance (We will hold a minimum working balance in your client account to pay for emergency property repairs. The working balance will be £250 or equal to the Automatic Authorisation Value below, whichever is greater. At the end of the service this balance will be returned to you) £250

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Jay McNamee