Why Us


Unlike many letting agents, we’re simple, honest and open. No hidden fees, no nasty surprises in the small print.

Letting agents usually trap landlords in long contracts with eye-watering exit fees. All we ask is one month’s notice. It’s that simple.


We understand landlords because we are landlords

Propeller was set up because we just couldn’t get the service quality we needed from agents for our own portfolio. The care we take of your property is the same care we take of our properties.

  • Better service – we take better care of your property
  • Fix problems fast – nipping problems in the bud before they get expensive
  • Low tenant turnover – better properties make tenants happier to stay
  • Avoid the void – we market properties before they’re vacant, minimising lost rent
  • No long-term contract – all we ask is a month’s notice
  • No hidden fees – all our costs are stated clearly up front

Compare with other agents, then give us a call

Take a look at our service costs. Now visit some of our competitors’ sites and make a price comparison. Only you won’t be able to, because most firms hide the majority of their fees in the contract small print, tying you in.

Get in touch to find out the other ways we’re different to most letting agents.

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More Information

Better service

Service quality is a claim that many make, as it’s easy to say and difficult to disprove. Unfortunately, it doesn’t become obvious until it’s too late and very expensive.

The Propeller leadership team has multi-industry experience in planning, building and executing complex management systems. We’ve developed streamlined procedures that cut admin time and improve efficiency. Cutting personnel hours means cutting costs; savings which we can pass on to our customers, whether tenant or landlord.

Everyone benefits from reasonable costs and a better, more efficient letting service.


You’re free to leave, so we have to be good

There are no lock-in terms in our contracts, and never have been. If you aren’t happy with the service, you’re free to leave with just a month’s notice. We keep our clients by providing a good service.

Before you sign with any agent read the terms and conditions. Most agents’ lock-in terms are a breach of the 2015 Consumer Rights Act, but they will enforce them aggressively to the point of being taken to court when they’ll usually fold rather than be ruled against.

The worst we have seen on Merseyside is an exit fee the equivalent to 20 months management fees! If you want to avoid this hassle, don’t sign a contract with a lock-in term. Any valid contract will have a termination clause, so read it carefully.

Why does a letting agent need a lock-in term? If the service and service quality are good, then you shouldn’t have to trap clients to keep them from leaving.


Lower turnover

Our own property portfolio has exceptionally low tenant turnover and void periods. The reason is quality. Quite simply, we only market properties that people want to live in.

We also take good care of properties, making sure that problems are fixed quickly and efficiently, minimising long-term maintenance costs and maximising tenant satisfaction.

“Very professional and efficient service. Hassle free with very little for us to do thanks to Rachel.”

Elisa Mackenzie